We're just getting started, but we hope to become a hub for people who love tech and exploration. Not only that, but we also want to compile the largest collection of virtual travels around — and we'd love your help. The gear will be moving around at a quick pace. Keep that in mind as you choose a location as it will need to be relatively close to home. There will be a very tight turn-around between the arrival of the gear and when the video must upload.

Gather this together together and then FILL OUT THIS FORM to apply: 

  • A couple of sentances about you
  • Name of desired destination and why you want to capture it
  • A trimmed, one minute video (shot with a video camera/phone/etc) of your desired destination
  • One photograph of your desired location

Currently, we are just looking for guest contributors, but may start to add to our permanent team. Thanks for your interest!