Destin is a Husband, Father and full-time Engineer. In addition, Destin created and maintains the educational YouTube channel Smarter Every Day and uses it to promote learning, discovery and exploration. Find him on twitter @smartereveryday.



Ben is a 17-year-old student studying history, politics and design, and is about to take a gap year before heading off to university. He currently lives in London and loves to travel. Find him on twitter @BenMarkey1.


Briley is a DC-based Software Engineer, originally from Alabama. She enjoys playing music with her buddies, bending it like Beckham, double kills on Halo 5, and budgeting for her next adventure. You can find her on SnapChat @brileypickle.

                    add  brileypicklE  on  snapchat!

                    add brileypicklE on snapchat!



Liam is a young Nanotechnologist from Sydney Australia. When he isn't playing around with atoms, he's communicating science, editing science journals or recording videos. You can find him on Twitter @l_obrien1.